Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shop til I dropped and gifts in the mail!!

Well I started the day off with getting up at 2 am and arriving at the Walmart at 2:45 and got in the lines for the special items that we were wanting!! We being...Brenda, Britani and Myself!! And we had a blast!!!! I love the whole shopping thing on Black Friday and I know that it is not something that everyone gets into but I do!! I am just about finished and so glad!!! Then when I finally got home I did rest for a bit then we decided to go to a football game!! Our team that we went to see play, well they lost!!!! Once we got home I remembered that we had not gotten the mail for the day and well needless to say I had a package!
And why you may ask that I got a package...Well I joined in on an ornament swap and that is what was in the box!!
Go and give her a visit:
This nice star ornament

A patriotic star ornament
Also this button ornament with an Angel on it!

I love them all but this is my most favorite...

Thank you so much Jane!! I love each one of them!!

And I have lots of Christmas in my heart!!! I love it dearly as you all know!!
You all have a great day!! I will be having Thanksgiving with another Marine Family this afternoon so I will be having to do a little bit more cooking!!!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Cute background and I love all of the ornaments! Very nice gift! Sounds like you had a fun day with your peeps. Enjoy your Saturday and more fellowship with friends! Love you, SIS (Enjoyed the leftover turkey yesterday in a delicious sandwich-my favorite way to eat turkey---THANKS!)

  2. Love the package and I am glad you had fun shopping. Sorry I did not join, but I got a lot done in my PJ's! Love you and have a wonderful day!

  3. Oh, I;m so glad you had a great shopping day! I loved the ornaments, so pretty!!! Have a great afternoon & enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner ~ Part II !!! LYLAS!

  4. Some pretty ornaments there! They will have pride of place on your tree this year!

  5. Love your ornaments! Can't wait to get mine and meet my Secret Ornament Exchange partner! I mailed mine out the day before Thanksgiving! Check it out at

  6. Hey Cindy Lou!!! I love your ornaments too!!! You got some really meaningful ones for you! Thanks so much for participating and I hope you had as much fun as I did!!! Merry Christmas!!!