Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tracy this one is for you!!!

For all of you that don't know her...this is my niece Tracy and she is out of town with her oldest daughter and I already miss her!! But I wanted to do this blog because I know that even out of town she will read my blog!!

These are her babies and they are throwing up the "I love you" sign!! And a great big cheese for their mommy!!!

The girls are great Tracy so don't worry! I will take more pictures tomorrow for you and will continue the blog for you until you get home!! I hope you are having fun and remember we all love you!!!

We are holding down the fort!! lol!!

Everyone have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Only 35 days until Christmas!!


  1. Well, I know you're having fun with those little ones!!! So nice of you to "blog" for their mommy while she's out of town...have fun with them & have a great day! LYLAS!!

  2. Sweet! I saw those babies twice yesterday:) We are trying, but nobody takes the place of the Mommy! Can't wait to hear how "Mr. Mom" did last night!

    Love you and have a blessed day!