Friday, November 13, 2009

They Gotta Go!!!

Oh look at that handsome face!!! He is so sweet and such a comedian to have around!! He has been suffering with headaches and after reading I was not really sure what it was! I had been told several times that his wisdom teeth need to come out or it was gonna mess up the ortho work! So off to the Oral Surgeon we went!! And yes that right...They gotta go!!!!

They are teeth that are no good what so ever and just really do nothing but cause pain and mess up all your other teeth!!!

So we will be at the Oral Surgeon at 6:45 this morning and they will start surgery at 7:00! Not sure how he is gonna do but he is tough and I think that he will be fine! Just gonna keep him home and in his bed!! Make sure he gets plenty of fluids and takes his medication like he needs to! He is a tough guy!!!

My Birthday is Monday and Tracy is doing dinner at her house tonight! Hopefully Bradley will feel like going!! I bought him lots of soft foods!! Jeff has offered to stay home with him if he doesn't feel like going and Justin will be coming home this weekend!! Did anyone really think that he wouldn't come home with it being his mama's birthday!!!

You all have a great day and keep Bradley in your prayers!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I hope that handsome Bradley does OK and I knew if there was any way possible for Justin to come... he would:) Love you and let me hear how Bradley is doing!

  2. I hope his surgery is as easy as mine was. I would love to see his silliness at dinner tonight! Maybe.... Anyhoo, let me know how he does. In fact, it is 7:00. I think I will text and give my well wishes! Love you and see you later!

  3. Why am I following you three times? I tried to change one to my little birdie and it ADDED the birdie! I did this on Mom's too! Sorry. If you can delete the other two, try it. I couldn't. Ohh well, I do love you!

  4. I will be thinking of sweet Bradley this morning. I had a rough time when I had mine out, but maybe they'll give him some good pain meds at least for today.
    Love ya!

  5. oh, I feel so ba dfor's not fun ~ but he a tough guy....
    I'm glad you're going to be able to celebrate your special day with Justin, I do hope that your dinner is yummy! Enjoy & let's see lots of pics :) LYLAS!!!

  6. praying for Bradley to recover quickly and safe trip for Justin! You'll have a wonderful birthday weekend!!! :D Wish I could surprise you by being at Tracy's but I don't think I could get there on time. Xoxoxo