Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She is how old?

She is can this be?
This is Autumn Leigh Parrish!!
I can not believe that she is 14 today!!
She is the sweetest young lady!!!
I am so honored to be her Great-Aunt!!!!

Just look at that smile!!

Happy Birthday Autumn!!

You are very special to me!!

Have a great day!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Beautiful and sweet! I love her with all this Ganky's heart:) Love you, Sis

  2. He Sis, Someone sent this to me about the sidebar not updating... it is worth a shot. I sent it to billpsmom too. Love you
    Go to dashboard.
    Enter your blog as a blog you read along with the other blogs you've been reading.
    It will then show up on your reading list and on your blog updated with your most recent post.
    I know it works on other people's blogs linking to me too because I have two blogs and I see the update showing on both blogs.

  3. Happy Birthday, she is beautiful!!!!!! I just saw Theresa's post about our thingy...i'm trying this!!! Have a great day LYLAS!!!!

  4. Sweet girl with a beautiful smile!

  5. Happy Birthday to Autumn. Sweet post and hope you get your blogger thingy fixed. Love ya!