Friday, November 20, 2009

3 years gone by and Girls Thanksgiving program!!

Well 3 years ago today my Daddy made that journey that we all must make...I miss him so bad and would love to be able to sit down and have a talk with him! He was so very dear to me!! He loved his family so much and we all loved him too!! And still to this day Pop...
"You are my whole world and I love you very much!!"

Now I will move on to a happier part of my blog!! Just look at Avery...She was an Indian in the Thanksgiving program and she was just precious! She sang her little heart out and did all of the hand motions!! It was such a precious program!!

So now we have a Pilgrim in the program too!! Alex was tooo darn cute in her outfit!!! She also sang so good but was not really into the hand motions too much, but she did a wonderful job!!

Well Thank God It Is Friday and I don't have alot planned for this weekend!! I am looking forward to a relaxing one!! I will be going buy my Turkey for Thanksgiving!! Jeff fries one every year for our family gathering and we love it!!! Maybe work on some outdoor decorations and wrap up some gifts!! You all have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Oh my sweet Daddy! I love him, my heart still hurts! Sweet picture in his fruit hat and tiger suspenders:) Precious Pop!

    Babies are too cute in their costumes. I really enjoyed the program.

    Love you and have a Happy Friday!

  2. Such a sweet post in so many ways. You can just see the pride in the girls' smiles. They are at great ages. Thanks for the reminder about PaPa. I know he'll be in your thoughts more than ever today.

    Have a fun weekend!

  3. That was a very sweet blog. My heart aches for you.... it's been 5 since I lost my daddy and it is still hard. You don't get over it... you live with it.... and the sweet memories. love you! xoxo

  4. Oh Cindy, I wanted to give you a great big hug after Iread Daddy passed when he was just 47 years young & I still miss him so.
    Thos tow gals are just "Thee Bee's Knees" ~ soo cute! LYLAS!!!!!