Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dinner and Dawgs!!!!

My dinner last night was great!! I enjoyed the wonderful company of the Bouchards! We talked about the good times we have had and talked about the times that we have to come!!! Not really knowing what is really going to happen and that we may be spending Christmas together at Camp Lejeune and we will be just fine with that if that is what we have to do!! We just know that we WILL be listening to the President on Tuesday night!!!! This is a picture of us at the School of Infantry (SOI) Graduation!!! L-R Jeff, Debbie, Me and JeffHere is the group we had with us last year at Thanksgiving!!!

L-R Christopher, Nick, Britani, Justin, Courtney, Andy, Bradley and Brian!!

We adpoted Andy and Brian for Thanksgiving last year because they had no family to go up to visit so we took them in!!!

Justin is happy to be home and have his Marine Brother here with us!! And also to be watching those Georgia Dawgs!!And here is Nick....Dawgs are #1

Even Wally is watching those Dawgs!!! I think he is wishing he was a Bulldog so that he could be UGA VIII!!!! HA!!! Wally has not been feeling so good...not sure if he is getting old or if something is actually wrong!
I think that he will be making a trip to see the Doctor this week!!! :(

Everyone had a great evening and WE LOVE THOSE GEORGIA DAWGS!!!!
Have a great day!!!
~Till Tomorrow~
Well I am so very sad....Ms. Louise has passed away!!! She was a very special lady to me and my church!! She WILL be missed!!!


  1. Great pictures of all of you, and that one of Justin is just precious! I am so sorry about Ms. Louise, I know those kids are heartbroken! She was on of the sweetest ladies! Love you and I'll be there on the family pew!

  2. Well, it looks like you had a great time! I am sorry to hear about Ms. Louise, I remember you speaking of her back in the summer time, it's sad but know that she is in a much better place & is now watching down over you :) .....have a great day, get some rest! LYLAS!!!!!

  3. So sorry about Ms. Louise. She was one special lady and a very important part of the church for as long as I can remember. I am sure there are many broken hearts! Love you!

    BTW, I could not end without one thing...GO DOGS!! YAY!

  4. I am sorry about your friend. Now she is whole and happy. Praying for those lives she touched and those who need His comfort right now.
    You are such a generous person sharing your holiday with others! I know if I was there you would celebrate with me too. You are very special. xoxo