Thursday, September 23, 2010

Come on in and Good Bye!

Today is the first day of fall...I AM READY!!

I am ready for cooler temps!!

Fall where have you been all Summer? Come on in and take control!!!

And then this morning me and my sweet daughter will go to the oral surgeon and get her wisdom teeth removed!! I know she will do just fine because she is just that type of child!! She lets nothing get her down...Sounds like Ganky, HUH?

Well, still remember her in your prayers that the pain will be minimal and that she will have a speedy recovery!

Oh and McGraw will be going on a road trip today and be gone until late Friday!! He is going to the Gwinnett County Fair!!! He will be shown Friday!! Bradley and he will be having loads of fun!!!

So that is about it for me today!! Lots going on and as I said "Come on in Fall and Good Bye wisdom teeth!"
You all enjoy your day!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!


  1. absolutely saying a prayer for Britani and just want you to know I got THE CALL!!! VERY soon!!!! Hugs to you! Grateful for FAll too.

  2. Love that picture of Britani and I know that the wisdom teef thing was postponed! I am happy that she isn't in pain this afternoon:) Like you said, everything happens for a reason!

    Mcgraw is a handsome young cow and Bradley will sure have fun at the show!

    Love you bunches, SIS