Saturday, September 4, 2010

Get Fired up Newton!!

Friday Night Football has begun!!
High School football is so much fun and WE LOVE IT!!!
My children have been at Newton for years and Justin graduated from there and the twins will graduate in May of 2011!!
This is the Newton County Stadium!!! We have 3 schools that play here but Newton was the very first high school for the County and has been around for many many years!

We had been chosen to be the game of the week for the local television station here in Atlanta (with lots of voting) We were on the HIGH 5 SPORTS!!!
Bradley and Robert wanted to show there school spirit and I painted them up!! So they could be on the news we put this on their back!!

And this was them from the front!! Bradley is the one painted white!
They succeeded and was on television!!! They love their school and love to show their spirit!!

So that was my Friday!!! Loads of fun and more to come today!!

I hope that you all have a great day!!!
Keep praying for the Rodgers family!! They welcomed their son home yesterday and He will arrive here in Georgia one day next week!!! RIP LCpl Rodgers!!
I also got word yesterday that they are asking for volunteers of 1/6 to re-deploy to afghanistan...NOTE...Justin is not going to volunteer!!! But please pray for this because 2/6 has lost so many guys!! I just hope that they don't make it mandatory!!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


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  2. Let's try this again:) THOSE TWO ARE TOO FUNNY:) I can hear them giggling behind that mask! I tried so hard to stay awake to see if they made the news but fell asleep! I know all of you had a great time! I love those High School Football games too!

    Enjoy the game, be safe and GO DOGS! Love you all!