Saturday, September 11, 2010

Special Friends

Well I spent yesterday evening with so many special friends!!
I have facebooked with this man for many, many months and I finally got to meet him! He is the father of the fallen Marine!! And can I just tell you he is AMAZING!!! Him and his family are just the strongest pictures I have EVER seen! To walk through those doors of the funeral home was just heart breaking! The casket was open and two Marines stood guard over "Blake"!!

And this picture is my Sweet Friend Colleen!! She is the sweetest person and she came up from Florida and stayed with me and we had a blast! She wanted to go and see Bradley's cow and she got to feed him so hay!! Aren't they cute together!!

Today is a very hard day for me and all the Marine families!! And please say very special prayers for the RODGERS family today as they lay their son to rest!!
Enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Thanks so much from this Marine Mama for being there Cindy Lou! ((hugs)) WE have gotten our flight window!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting to hear from Justin that he has moved to Leatherneck.... waiting~waiting~ waiting~
    You know what I'm feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great day. Praying for the Rodgers morning and evening.

  2. Oh how can they be so strong? I am praying for all, love you! Sis

  3. Good Morning Cindy Lou Sweetie...
    Oh yes, I will be uplifting the Rodgers family in prayer today. This will be the hardest day of their lives. We are not supposed to burry our children, it is supposed to be the other way around. They are supposed to outlive us. God Bless them one and all.

    Oh I am so thrilled that your sweet friend Colleen got to come and stay with you. Oh and she fed Bradleys' cow. Now I would like that. What is Bradly going to do with this cow? Is he raising it for 4H or what?

    Many hugs to you sweetie. Oh and how did the hair turn out? I bet you look just beautiful. Have a glorious day sweetie and I will be praying.

    Many hugs and so much love, Sherry