Monday, September 27, 2010

Such a horrible day!!

Oh, What a horrible day it was!!!
22 years ago today, I woke up and found that my Mama had passed away!! And it was one of the most horrible days of my life!! I was 18 years old and would have taken care of her for ever!!! She was my life!! I took care of her from the time she got up in the morning to the time we would go to bed at night!! She was the BEST mama EVER!! I will never be able to fill her shoes!! I can not believe that she has been gone this long...I wish she could have lived to just see my children be born!!

There are many many days that I wish I had her here to help me through things and to love my children so that they could have known what it would have been like to have a loving grandmother!! She would have spoiled and loved these children of mine so much and they would have loved her just as much!!
I have not had such a good day back went completely out on me an I have been in bed just about all day!! I sure hope it gets better...I have orientation tomorrow!!
So a late post for me today...just now getting on the computer!!
You all enjoy your evening....Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. I am sorry for you Cindy Lou...for your sadness remembering your loss on that day. Memories of her are precious and special I am sure. I do hope your back will be better with rest. We have had our "return time" changed 2 more we did not leave today. We will leave in the morning. Thanking the Lord that the beach house was available til Friday am, so we were able to move our days forward. God is good. It will be a late night tomorrow night and probably wet.... We don't care...Just want to get there and be waiting. We talked to him yesterday morning. They were out of Afghanistan and at the airbase in another country....awaiting the next leg of flight. SO glad he is out of Afghan. **Almost home.** Hugs to you MMS. xo Julie

  2. I know, I have been thinking about her all day! It is so unfair that she was taken from us so young! She sees your precious children and my wonderful grandchildren and how everyone has grown. I dreamed about her a few nights ago and it was SO real! I woke up sad that it wasn't true!

    Love you bunches and I know she would be so proud of you and your family! Heck she picked out your husband:) Hope you feel better, SIS!

  3. Oh CIndy Sweetie...
    I am hugging you and wiping your tears sweet one. I have already been over and visited Theresa earlier today. You are not walking alone sweetie, I am right here holding you. Please know that you are so loved. You can call on me 24/7, I am always here for you.

    You know that your sweet Moma seeing and hears everything. I believe that she smiles down on you each and every day and that she is so proud of you and the family that you have raised. Justin is phenomenal and Britani and Bradly are doing so well sweetie. When you look at these three beautiful children, just know that they are a reflection of your sweet Moma, as you are the parent you are today, because of the sweet Moma that raised you.

    I am holding you up in prayer today and loving you sweet friend. Smile and pull one of those memories from your heart that your sweet Moma left for you, and you will find she is right there, she has never left you.

    Many, many hugs sweetie and SO much love, Sherry

  4. Cindy, I wish I could run down there and give you a great big hug! I love you, your momma is looking down on you & she is so proud! You are a great mom, sister, friend!!!! RAH!!! Love ya lots!!!