Monday, September 20, 2010

He is so loved!!

I know that National Pastor's Appreciation day is in October but we have so much going on we wanted to go ahead and show our appreciation to our Pastor!!
Rev. Tommy Dunn Jr.
(sorry the picture is blurry)

My Friend Janice made this cake!! He loved it and came to find me to take a picture of it before it got cut!! :)

It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed it so much! I know that he lives the life that he preaches and he is a very special man to each and every one of us!
I hope that you all have a great day today! I am off here to get ready for work! Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week! My Britani is having her wisdom teef out Thursday!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. He is so loved and was a happy fella yesterday! I am proud to be a part of his congregation!

    Love you and enjoy your day!

  2. He still looked handsome & happy!! So glad you have such a wonderful Church community...hope you had a great day. Poor Britani, I'll say a little prayer for her. Love Ya Bunches!!

  3. So glad you love your pastor. Hope Justin is better and that Britani does okay getting her wisdom teeth out, I know you will make sure she is comfortable, mama....
    Waiting on the edge of our seats for our call.
    WANT TO SEE MY MARINE!!!! Been soooooooo long! oh my... I am so weepy lately... :-)
    Hugs to you MMS! Saw that another Georgia Marine has fallen....oh the tears....