Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good thing I was off!!

As most of you know...These are my babies! Yes, they are 17 and yes they are senior but they are the babies of the family! My last 2 children and the last 2 of the many grandchildren that my mama and daddy had! They are sweet and kind to everyone (except each other at times)!

I was off yesterday because Bradley had a dental appointment and I just need to do some things before school starts back for me!! Well I was home and just got a load of laundry started and my phone rang! It was the clinic...Britani was sick and I had to go and get her! Well she is NEVER sick so I hurried her on to the doctor and she just has an upper respiratory infection...put her on an anti-biotic and she is much better this morning!! Then had to get Bradley checked out and to the dentist!! Then home to cook some diner and off to church I went! WHEW!!! It was one of those days and I it was a good thing I was off!
Well today is a day of work for me and the twins are off to school! Life is back to normal today!! Thank God!
Everyone enjoy your day!
My friend Julie let me know yesterday that her son is out of the wire and safe at a tent city!! Praise the Lord!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Happy to see things are back to normal! It is good to get medicine for sickness before it gets worse! Love you bunches and hope today is wonderful for everyone!


  2. Oh Cindy Sweetie...
    The twins are so darn cute. Love this photo of them. I can't imagine having two at one time, it was enough of a struggle having one at a time.

    Seniors, oh my you are in for one expensive year.

    I am so sorry to hear Britani is sick, but happy to hear that they got her on some meds and she is back in the saddle again today. Bradley sure has a warm smile.

    Some days we just wish we could get off that merry-go-round don't we? Well hopefully it will be a little more normal today. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie, and I love your SMILE. So pretty. Have a gorgeous day and sending you much love and so many hugs, Sherry