Sunday, September 12, 2010

Proud of who I am

Yesterday was a VERY emotional day and I am so honored to be a Marine Mom and to share life with such a wonderful group of people!!
This is exactly how they handled to fallen Marine...(Just any picture not from yesterday!)
Such honor and respect they gave Blake!!

I am PROUD to be an American!!!

I honestly am telling you the truth when I say I cried enough yesterday to fill a river!! I actually really cried so much that I am almost sinuses are messed up BAD!!! I have NEVER went to a military funeral and I hope and pray I NEVER have to go to another!! Beautiful but so so SAD!!

I met several other Marine Moms and found out that there is this group that I should be a part of and I have joined and can't wait to participate!! They are Mothers of Children that are in the Military and either have had one in deployment or if they have a fallen one then they become Gold Star Moms!! Thank God I am just a Blue Star Mom!!!

They don't just honor the Marine but ever branch of the Military!!! I am so PROUD to say that I am a part of this wonderful group....They are AMAZING!!!!

SO today I am gonna get myself ready and get gone to church!! I have puffy eyes and stuffy nose but all will be fine!!
Enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. I kept an eye on my watch so that I would be there with you in spirit. I watched the newscast this morning and it broke my heart. Happy you found that group. You are an all star Mom:). Love you bunches

  2. Thank you for representing all of us that couldn't be heart was heavy yesterday & I so wanted to be able to pay my respects to Chris & his family & to honor Blake. The sadness has been overwhelming at times. I also wished that I lived closer to so many of you MOMs, there are a lot of MOMS here too, but funny thing about New Englanders as a rule aren't considered the friendliest bunch of people which can be lonely. I have often thought about asking how many New England / East Coast MOMs on fb to see if we could all meet up maybe monthly or something...problem is I don't like rejection ~ LOL!!

    Thanks again for sharing the events of the day, my heart will be heavy for a long time :/ Love Ya so much!!