Sunday, September 5, 2010

Go Dawgs!!!

Those DAWGS....What more can I say?
Look at the score board! I took this picture during the 4th quarter and it was the final score of the game!! I enjoyed it! It was hot and a lot of people!! I think I will be watching the next one from my living room!!! I think that I like it better like that!

So that was my day....ALL day!!!
Today is church and then gonna go get something to grill for tomorrow, NO church tonight and so we will be relaxing!! Justin is here and is having a wonderful weekend!!
Enjoy your day!!
Continue to lift The Rodgers family up in your prayers!
Keep works!!


  1. Ya'll picked a great one to go to! GO DOGS!

    Love you bunches!

  2. Go Dogs! WE enjoyed the game from our basement and then dealt with the Stone Mountain crowds. It was fun! I hope you have a great day. Call me later so we can figure out when to visit with the Marine!!

  3. Go Dawgs!!! Glad you had a great day ;D Glad Justin is having a great visit! Hope you enjoyed church on Sunday...I'm late with my blogs! catching up on all! Have a great day, give that Marine a huge hug for me! Love you so much!