Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy Saturday!!!

Well It was a busy Saturday and I got up and decided to make Justin some brownies in mason jars and get them ready to send them to him!!!
And here they are sealed and ready to wrap in bubble wrap and ship to Afghanistan!!
So then we have prom coming up for Bradley and Britani and it is time to start looking for dresses!! We tried on lots of them and then come home and ordered this one online!!

I can't wait for it to get here and let her try it on!!!

So that was it for me!!
Well at 4:35....I was sound asleep and my phone began to ring and up and out of bed I flew, hollering...It has to be Justin!!!! And sure enough it was Justin!!! He was good and sounded VERY upbeat!!! He has been getting packages!!!Yayy!!! He did ask for me to have everyone pray for his team leader...He was shot! It hit him in the protective cover and it just bruised him up! Then Justin went on to tell me that he had a grenade to blow up close to him and he got cut up pretty bad from it...but he is ok!! I can promise you...that was the sweetest sound I have heard in over a week!! He is so precious!! Ok well I could go on and on!! I am gonna go and have my coffee!! And then we will be off to church!!!! So much to be thankful for!! I hope that you all have a wonderful day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Cute little jars, after they eat the brownies they can throw the jars at the enemy:) Love the dress, she will look beautiful for sure! OMG what a sweet sound to hear that he called. I am tickled pink as that dress and so happy he is OK and getting our packages. Love you bunches and very thankful this morning too!

  2. Cindy Lou,
    So glad you got a call. Sometimes I think we'd rather not hear about the close calls...God keep your eye on them!!!!! But it does let us know HE is covering them with His wings. I thank God they are both okay. Continuing to pray hard all throughout the day. It's amazing even to me that I'll just be driving down the road, and your Justin will pass through my thoughts for some reason, and I will lift up a prayer. With many prayer warriors, our men are covered in prayer. I know he'll love the brownies. Hugs. thankful for the good news.

  3. I am always so thrilled to hear that you got a phone call! I hope everything settles down over there and he gets to come home soon! The treats in jars looked so good. I love the little jars. I have never seen them that small. The dress is devine and I know with Britani's figure, it will look gorgeous! Have a great Sunday!

  4. You know that I am prayinf for all of them every second...I think last night I prayed and cried nonstop and today I feel beat-up but so good that we have had good news and the Lord's Blessings for one more day!!!

    Now, on to that BEAUTIFUL DRESS!!!! She is going to be the prettiest gal there!!!! Love it!

    Cute little jars :) ~ have a great day LYLAS!!!