Friday, February 12, 2010

Party time for one!!

That's right...Party time!
It was Avery's Day to have her Valentines Party because she does not got to school on Fridays!!
And so Party is what we did!!
This was what they put all the Valentines in!! I love it!!

Look what she made!! She was so proud of it!!
They had lots of food!!

Those kids loved it!!

Look how happy she is...she had her Mama, Ganky and me(Aunt Cindy) there to celebrate with her!!

Look at this baby blessing her food and probably saying a little extra for Justin!!

And then look who showed up...She was happy to see us too!!
Alex said her blessing too!!
Alex has her party today...if the snow holds off!!

Oh what I would not have given to eat one of these...but I knew Alex was watching!! haha!!

And well that was the Party!!
These two just are so precious to me!!
Life is fixing to be changing for all of us! I went and got registered at school today!! I will be moving on when I finish up with my schooling!! I will be making special visit time with these two!! I can not imagine life with out seeing them!!
So I was on my way to take them to school yesterday and the phone rang...It was that Marine of mine!!! He said that there plans were delayed a day so he got to talk to me!! We talked for just little over an hour and I loved every moment of it!! We laughed and I cried and we talked about things that he and I just talk about!! We have a really good mother/son relationship!! I am his mother but...I am also his friend!! We talk about everything!!! :)
But I am not so sure that I will be so lucky for this mission to be delayed again but I did get one more day of talking to him on the phone and several chats with him on the computer!!
You all have a good day!!
Alex has her party today...If the snow will hold off!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Oh how sweet they are! I can't believe the schools are closed... bwaaaahhhhh!
    Poor Alex:( Heck, it isn't even raining! I am disappointed for her. Oh well, pour me another cup of coffee:) Hugs and prayers!

  2. Great pictures! Those little faces are so cute :), I know I've mentioned it to Theresa but, I am not sure if I've ever told you that I think little Avery looks like a mini Cindy, she just reminds me of you!! I'm glad got another chat in with Justin, we'll be praying! Have a great day, LYLAS!!

  3. Ohh, I love the pictures. I am glad you got so many. They were so excited to see us. I love the frog they put Avery's stuff in, too. Too cute! Thanks for always being such a big part of their lives. I know you will still be there when you aren't watching them. We will just have to do movies and sleepovers. They love that stuff anyway! :)
    You should be so proud of your relationship with Justin. You did it right. That is the way it should be and the way I hope Austin is with me! I love seeing you light up when you talk about him! Good job, Mom!!!
    Have a great "snow day"!

  4. Sweet girls, that's for sure. I am so happy that I got to talk to Justin this morning. Even for just a second, it was great.

    Enjoy your day and stay a busy bee.

  5. I am so in love with those little girls! They really touch my heart and I'm getting attached to them. If Tracy needs someone to watch them... let me know! lol! I am thrilled for the time you get with Justin. We take so much for granted in life... but I am sure that has changed for you! Love you and stay strong! Praying! xoxo

  6. I'm so glad to hear that you were able to spend so much time talking to Justin. What a blessing!

    Those frog bags so adorable. The girls are just precious.