Thursday, February 11, 2010

I protected him and He protects me!!

I had Justin when I was 19 years old!! He was such a good baby!! I have always done my best to protect him, as most parents do for their children! I have always tried to shield my kids from things that I thought may hurt them!! I tried to not let them be disappointed and I tried to keep them from any harm or danger that I thought may be around them! Sometimes as everyone they have been disappointed and have been hurt...not because I didn't try but that is just life!!

So now at this point in life...He is trying to protect me!! He doesn't want me to know what he is really about to face in this new mission he is headed out for!! I did get to talk to him last night before he headed out! He tried to tell me not to worry!! I explained that is just what mama's do is worry!! I told him that I love him with all my heart and he reassured me that he had my heart in his pocket!! Well the praying must step up at this point!! He said to not listen to the news and to just stay busy and to remember "No News Is Good News!!" He is so strong and He knows that he has so many people praying for him!! My strength seems to be weak at this point...I can't seem to not cry when I think about it!! It really just scares me!! I have listened to the news and I do know what he will be doing and to be honest...I DO NOT LIKE IT!!

I promised him that I would not dwell on him being gone for so long and that I would just pray every time I thought about I guess I will be praying 24/7!!

God please watch over my Justin and every other Marine in Afghanistan right now. They are about to face the most challenging times and I am so scared. God please give them the strength they need, guide them in the safest direction, and protect them from all harm. Please Lord, bring our Marines home safely.

SO that is about it for me!! Valentines Party for Ms. Avery Michele today...I am sure it will be fun and I will be taking pictures!! Busy is a good thing for me!!!

You all have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I am praying for Justin constantly! It isn't going to be easy and it probably isn't a good thing to watch the news, says me who is a newsaholic:) He is strong, there are a bunch of them protecting each other and he is a MARINE! It will be long, it will be hard but hand in hand we will make it together and throw him a HUGE party with all his favorite stuff when he gets back!

    Can't wait! Love you, Sis

  2. Well, that post made me teary-eyed! Cynthia, you are definitely one of the best moms I know, and we can all hope to have kids as sweet and caring as your three are! You've done an awesome job. Justin is surely a well-trained Marine who knows what he's doing! Love you and have a good, BUSY, day :0)

  3. My heart and prayers are with you. Our tough Marine sons want us to be brave and strong and OOORAH moms who are pushing through this with them. Truly they belong to God. I always think of Mary and how she must have felt knowing that her son would have to face awful things in His life. How she must have suffered and hurt SOOOO deeply as she longed for Him just to be safe and loved and not involved in the dangers and politics of the Roman world.
    Our sons know this Son of hers. He is with them every step they take. WE WILL pray to the same ONE who can see them every moment and ask Him to watch their back and intervene as they step and travel through a foreign and war-torn land fighting for a Godly cause. Justice for all. Lord God help them to be strong and brave and totally clinging to You for all that they need to face each day. Marjah is a little dot in the Lord's eyes. The souls of His sons are huge in His eyes. He loves them way more than we ever could. WE believe this, yes? Courage my Marine Mom sister. I am praying HARD for your Justin as he fighting just one step ahead of my Justin as he readies to leave and go over. God Bless and Protect them all.
    Hugs...Big ones.... Julie

  4. Wow.... well said Julie. All I can say is try listening to Justin's advise and stay away from the news. It will make you crazy. Stay in prayer and surrounded by family and His presence. One day you'll be having the biggest party and cooking all his favorite foods for him! Focus on that. Start planning! Love you Cindy! xoxo

  5. Cindy, please be brave and be strong....we are all here to help hold you up and know that when your heart hurts too much that we are here to help you through the fear & sadness lean on me and I will help you. The Lord is with Justin, I know that you know that, remember we are here for you anytime! Julie said it right ~ Courage Marine Mom sister & remember.....Courage is endurance for one moment more…I love you, call me anytime you need me!!!!

  6. Well, the above comments said it all. One day at a time. Just one day at a time.