Sunday, February 7, 2010

Living Room Furniture and Valentines Banquet = TIRED!!!

Well the day started out with Britani making cup cakes...strawberry ones!!!!! YUMMY!!!
This Jeff got busy hanging my new curtain!! He did a marvelous job!!!
And then low and behold...Here comes the new furniture!!!

Look at these two...just trying out the sofa with their silly tails!! I just love them!!!
Robert and Bradley are such a joy to have around!!!

And here are the chairs...HIS AND HERS!!
(Mine and Jeff's!!)

And the new curtain!!

And now on to the Valentines Banquet!!!
I got the 6 gallon of sauce made and got all the door prizes and even got Balloons!!
Can you see Britani?
Well believe it or not...she is in there!!!
And Ms. Janice made this beautiful cake!! And yes it was as good as it looks!!

And here are the cupcakes that Britani made!! They were DELICIOUS!!!

And I did a bowl of M&M's and these Little Debbie Snack Cakes!!
Ms. Louise always made sure that we had these at the Banquet and I just wasn't gonna not have them cause she was no longer with us!! I love to keep memories alive!!!

Well all is over and I am TIRED!!!
There was fun by all and prizes won by most and it was just a great day!!
We even had a couple that will be married 50 years there and they won a prize...Lord knows they deserve it!!!
So being just totally exhausted, I at least had new furniture to go home and relax in!!!
So you have a Special Sunday!!!


  1. Busy day for sure! Sounds like a fun day, love the furninture and curtains. You and Britani did a great job with all of the food and decorations. Hope you all have many hours of rest on your new comfy furniture:) Love you!

  2. You made me tired just reading all that. Get rest today. You did a great job with the banquet.

  3. Love the new furniture!!! So pretty & that window treatment is just beautiful!!! Great job! Now for those cupcakes....MMMMMMMM ~ They looked GREAT ~ good job Britani & Ibet the rest of the food was fantastic too ;) Have a great Sunday, get some rest God Bless & remember I LYLAS!!!!!

  4. Love the new furniture. Now that is definitely a chair I can see you slipping away to whenever you can...
    Your goodies and decorations look so awesome. Makes me wish I had been at your church for the party. I am always grateful for the gals in our neighborhood who put together our socials and in our church who plan such bodacious parties and fun for everyone.
    Where would socials be without all the workers behind the scenes? You are a treasure for your church family! Glad you heard from Justin.

  5. Those chairs look so comfy. The food looks delicious. Enjoy the rest of your day.