Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yes...I know where Justin is but have you ever played Where's Waldo?
Well I found a web site that has tons of pictures of Marines and even pictures that are of 1/6 and well I am now on a search to find my son!!
Well I really can't tell if this is him or not but it could be!!
What do you think?
And here is a picture of a group of 1/6 playing ping-pong and Justin loves to play so I thought that one of those guys behind this guys arm could be him...maybe the one with the gun?
Oh this is nothing...During bootcamp I looked at thousand of pictures and even found one that I thought was really him and then when he got home he informed me that it was NOT him!! But it sure did look like him!!
Anyways...I had fun looking at all the pictures and no I may not find one of Justin but if I keep searching, I just might!!
You all have a good day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. I just smile when I read this because I have done the same thing sooooo many times:) It is just a feeling that you get when you THINK you might have a glimpse of that sweet fella. Love you and hope you have a great day!

  2. Cindy, I was thinking about Boot while reading this...remember how excited we would get when other Platoons graduated???? They would take pics of the REcruits still on the Island and it would be a rush to find oours!!! Oh we were silly weren't we???? To be honest, I go on the USMC Japan page and look up Camp Hansen all of teh time hoping to see pictures of BIlly????? I guess some things will never change, we'll always be the Momma Lion lookin gout for her baby cubs :) Have a great day my sweet friend, LYLAS!!!

  3. Well, if you keep looking, you just might stumble upon one of Justin. Love your optimism and your faith!

  4. I love that game! I think it looks fun! I thought maybe that could be him on the cell phone? Hope you have a wonderful day and you really are an inspiration to me! xoxo

  5. I'm getting so frustrated with Blogger because the past few times I've tried to comment on anyone's blog it says error, unable to complete. On my laptop or desktop!! ARGGHHH!
    Anyway, those are some very handsome Marines, whomever they belong to :0) I like to see the pictures.
    Love you and keep on being your optimistic self!

  6. Oh my goodness I just know what you are talking about. I have been told by veteran Military Moms that I will be glued to the tv when they are showing footage of any area or camp where the battalion is we are looking for.
    So I am feeling the excitement for you. Keep those eyes peeled! :-) Got my Justin coming home Friday. Dropping off some at the ILM airport in Wilmington on the way back to Charlotte. Van full of Marines...What could be better? :-) :-) (and better protected..lol)

  7. Yes, I've done that. And yes, I've actually had times where I really did find him. **grin** So, have fun with it -- you just never know. ;)