Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to Jeff!

He is 43 today!!!!

I hope he has a wonderful day!!
Well I know he will...We are going the the Circus!!!
He has never been and always wanted to go and so we are getting with Ganky, Pa, Tracy, Derek, Autumn, Austin, Alex and Aver and to the Circus we are going!!!
We will all enjoy it!!

Oh and well I try to mention him in every blog...But as you all know he is out in the middle of the Marjah take over and well, he found a phone and called his Mama!!! They have satellite phones out there and he got 5 minutes on it with ME!! He was doing good and said that he was hoping for packages and said they should be getting some today!! I sure hope so...He said he was on post and all he could think about was food!! Poor baby has always been hungry and thirsty!! I got list of foods he wanted when he got home from bootcamp! Well anytime he comes home he gets all kinds of home cooked meals!! Let's just keep him and all the others in our prayers!!

I just love this picture of him...Look at that precious smile!! I can't wait to get my hands on him!!
You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. A phone call, oh how precious to have heard his sweet voice!!! You must have been over the moon, I am so happy for you & so greatful to know that he is safe!!! God is good :)! Now about that circus, what a wonderful thing to be doing for that Jeff!! Please take lots of picutres, especially of his face when he gets inside that Big Top & sees everything!!!!! Have a great time my dear friend, Love Ya!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jeffro! I know we are gonna enjoy his Birthday at the Circus! I took Justin to the Circus when he was about Avery's age:) Love it that Justin called, yipppppeee. It was a blessing to know that he was OK. Love you and we'll wait for another call hopefully next week:)

  3. Happy Birthday Uncle Jeff! I hope he has a wonderful day! I hope you guys got a kick out of the zebra that escaped from the circus in Atlanta and ran down the interstate during rush hour traffic!!!
    So glad you got to talk with Justin. I hope he got his packages. I wonder how many he will have! You will have to ask. Now he will have some energy drinks and Little Debbies for watches!!! Love you and we are all so very excited about the circus...gotta get my big kids ready for "School"!

  4. I know you were overwhelmed with mamabumps (they occur on the inside....forget goosebumps!) when you got that call. I hate it when Justin talks about there not being as much food as he would like when they are out on training missions at other locations...too!
    When he is here, I just try to give him as much as he wants. Praying all throughout the day for your Justin and his 1/6. Have fun at the circus. :-)

  5. I was so excited to hear Justin was ok. I say a prayer for him and the others every time he comes to mind. I am getting rather fond of him, too. Like my own family! Angels are with him, ya know. Have fun at the circus and happy birthday, Jeff!

  6. Happy Birthday, Jeff!

    Glad you heard from Justin. He has a wonderful smile. :)