Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stimulus Tuesday

My family and another couple planned a trip to the movies and well on Tuesday you get a great deal...Popcorn for $1.00 and Drink for $1.00!!!! Can't beat that!! They call it Stimulus Tuesday!!
I have been wanting to see this movie:
"Dear John"
And it was good!! It is a chick flick and not for my teenagers to see with their brother being where he is! :(
But all in all it was a good movie!!

So I have a little funny story to tell.

This morning when I got to work I gathered the girls up to go to school and while on our way out the door...Alex (5 years old) said " Cindy, How does it feel to be fat?"

Out of the mouths of babes!!

Well I didn't get into it too much with her at that point but when we got home from school and we were having lunch I started up the discussion with her about me being fat!! I asked her what she thought I could do about it and she said "Well just don't eat or drink anything and you will loose weight!" Then she said that I should weigh the food I eat and maybe just eat an apple!!

So now that Alex doesn't ask me again how it feels to be fat...I guess I will be doing something about it!! I asked her when I get skinny who would I have to thank for it and she responded "ME!!" And that is right!! I guess sometimes it takes something like this to really kick you into gear to get motivated and loose some weight!!

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Well that is all I have...

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Oh my, I don't want to see that movie:) But the $1.00 popcorn... yummy:) Bless Alex's little pea-picking heart. Kids say the darndest things. I am struggling staying on my counting calories too but my problem is lack of exercise. Hope you have a wonderful day. Pack you an apple:) Love you, SIS

  2. gasp!!!!! Yes They do...One of my 3 year olds looked at me (at church in the childcare program I work in) and said..."Miss need a HAIRCUT!!!!!! Oh dear. I just said yes ______, you are right. Got my hair cut the next weekend. now mind you ...not just because of that, it was time again, but horrors! how embarrassing. They say it so bluntly don't they? We used to have an elderly lady who walked the neighborhood every single morning. One day she saw Katie (daughter) out getting the mail, and she hollered out...OH I thought you were your mama...but you're not chubby like your mama....OUCH!!!!! I was um..... say the least....yes, I need to START exercising...AGAIN! too. Post about your progress, maybe it will kick me into it.

  3. Cindy, I feel your pain!!!! Kids do say the darndest things and don't mean anything by it, she is precious, but don't let it get you down you're doing great :) I wish you'd put her in the car and send her my way, everytime I went to put something in my mouth she could say hey fatty fatty 2 by 4 you're not gonna fit out the door LOL!!! We'll just keep plugging at this one day at a time, Love Ya!!!

  4. Oh, Cynthia, that is hilarious. Hang in there with your diet. It is so hard especially when you have so much other stuff going on. But I've seen you do other things so I know you can do that!

  5. oh wow.... at least she said what she thought. shamefully I have all the grandkids brainwashed to say "YOU'RE NOT FAT!" They all tell me that all the time. Maddie will just look at me and say "Mam, you're not fat, ya know." I've taught them to lie!!! I am bad. I started the weight watchers point system. You know how crucial it is for me to lose. This will be good. All of us can get healthier! xoxo PS Cindy, you're not fat, ya know!

  6. I was wondering if that movie was going to be any good.

    Ya gotta love it when kids just tell you like it is. When my daughter was younger, she would always say that grandma "just has lots more to love". :)