Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Phone Call Home

I bet that title got your attention!!! HA!!
Sorry I just couldn't help it!
We did hear from our other Marine today!! Well he is not ours but we are really close to him!! Lcpl. Bouchard, Nick
He called home...He and Justin have been together since bootcamp and are still together just in different Companies!!
He made his Mama so happy by calling!!

He is not the one to call home at any chance but this is the time that his company has the phone so I may not hear from Justin this week...But..."No News is Good News"!!!! I am glad that he call and that they are doing good!! He did tell his Mom that they were moving right along with the mission!!

SO that is about all that I have for today...Sorry if my title got you too excited!!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Well, I am happy that they got the call from Nick! I saw the picture along with the title so I knew it wasn't our Marine:) Anyway, I can tell from the facebook group that the phone is slowly moving around. Looks like they could get another phone:) Love you and we'll just keep praying!

  2. Yeah. Cruel joke, Lou! :o But I am happy they heard from Nick! Justin will call as soon as he can, I am certain of that! Have a good day. Hope you feel better this morning.

  3. Yes dear Cindy "no news is good news" we'll keep up the prayers and you will get that call as soon as that sweet boy gets a chance. I'm glad your other Marine got to call his momma, hearing that any momma gets her call makes me all teary eyed, I just love those Marines, our Marines!!! I'm still praying every second and sending those prayers to Justin & to you!!! Always in my thoughts & my prayers, Love Ya!!! Have a great day!

  4. Oh you got me there. :-) It is good news anytime one Marine Mom hear that another Marine mom "sis" got to hear from her hero.
    It is some kind of common bond we share. We know that "feeling" that runs through our entire being. We can feel it in the thoughts racing through our mind, the woo-hoo emotions coursing through our body (woah!) and the amazing JOY our spirit is overflowing with.
    Really can't describe it...even to dads... it's a Mama thing. A very real part of us, a piece of us is walking over there in another country, and when we get news it just makes everything all good, doesn't it? I know...
    I didn't know it before Parris Island, but I found out. Moms of Fighting men...we make up our own little battalions. We watch each others hearts. They watch each others backs.
    Hoping you get that phone call SOON!!!!! I'm praying. My Justin is leaving out the first week of March. Who knows that God will maybe let our sons' paths cross at some point over there??? :-)

  5. I know your Marine will call you the first chance he gets. It sure does look like they could get another phone. Are they that expensive?? Glad your other Marine got to check in with his family.

  6. **grin** That's the great thing about Marine families ~ we can rejoice with each other. :)