Friday, February 5, 2010

I finally got up!!

Oh yes this is me...I have been here for days!!! I have not been feeling good at all!! As you know I didn't even blog yesterday!! I was just so SICK!!!

I had to think about the fact that I am in charge of the Valentine's Banquet at Church this Saturday and well then means that I have 6 gallon of home-made spaghetti sauce to make! And yes I have been so sick....I could NOT move!!! But by the grace of God I will be up and able to make the sauce with the help of my dear daughter Britani!!

I did get out yesterday evening and order the balloons and picked up the door prizes!! Then the family wanted to go to Jim and Nicks and so that is what I did...No Bar-B-Q for me...Baked Potato and then home and back on the couch!! Just a small outing wore me out completely!! I am on the mind and hopefully will be back to normal soon!!

I have at least been able to talk to my sweet Marine!! And that sure makes a Mama feel better! He said for me to find him a flight home and he would help make me better!! I wish getting him home would be that easy!! I do know that he will be going out on another one of those missions but this time for 28 days...UGH!! And that does NOT make a Mama feel better!! But they will be having the Sat phones so at least I will hear from him!! YAYYY!

You all have a good day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. We do the craziest things for these blogs, don't we? Like take a picture laid out on the sofa sick as a buzzard! I would take some lysol and scrub every surface around there so the rest of you guys don't get sick. I think somebody else should take over the Valentine party duty. OK, now that Marine of yours:) He just warms my heart to the max! He talked to me for a long time and I asked him a million questions. Like... what he needed, was he cold, was he scared when he was out etc. I told him if they were ever mean to him, I would hop on a plane and come over there and whoop up on them. He said they liked him, duh... who wouldn't like him. I can't imagine 28 days but if we can hear from him that makes it better. That will make it 28 days closer to him coming home:) Love you Sis! Hope today is all better for you!

  2. Hope you're feeling better today. If not, you may need to relinquish the Valentine party duties to someone else. Heck, the whole church may feel as bad as you.

  3. Hey Lou. I am glad you are starting to feel better. So sorry you have had such a hard time this week. I hate the length of this next mission, but am glad he will be able to stay connected to you through the Sat phone. Continue to improve and try to have a good day! We are off to George Walton in the rain, which BTW, has given us a roof leak!!! UGH!

  4. So glad you are feeling better and that phone call just had to help!!! Every call is precious isn't it. Justin is due back in from the field finally and will be packing up to get back to NC - flying in Sunday I hope (from CA) Can't wait to hear his voice once again.
    I have my monthly Military Mom's prayer gathering tomorrow. Your Justin will be prayed for. He's officially on The List now. :-)
    Wishing "feel better" days ahead for you.

  5. I've been praying for healing and for Justin to be able to call. Thank you, God! xoxo Continued prayers!

  6. Feel better sugarpie!
    Being sick is noo fun! Knock on wood, I very, very, very rarely get sick.
    Love ya bunches :0)

  7. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! I am so glad that you finally got to hear his voice!!! I am so releived, I can't hold back the tears....I love you to bunches, tell that fine young fella that we are keeping him in our hearts and prayers every second. Glad you are on the mend, don't let yourself get toooooo run down. I missed you yesterday, O.k...gotta scoot! LYLAS!!!!