Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday...Not alot!!!

Not a lot for me...Glad the weekend is here!!
Not a lot going on this weekend...expecting to get some laundry done and my house cleaned up!
You all have a great day!!
And Please Pray for the Quake Victims as you are praying for Justin!! My friend Lynda Platts son, Billy is in Japan and they were part of this Quake!! Keep them your prayers!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Good Saturday Morning SIS! Hope you will have a marvelous day whatever you do. Sometimes staying in and getting caught up on chores is a good thing:) Love you and as always praying for Justin and Billy too!

  2. Cindy Lou,
    Just got around to checking in on some blogs. I got hit with Vertigo at 4 am Fri. Oh my I never ever want this again. So wish it had been when Justin was not here, especially this particular weekend. I am slowly getting over it. I caught on some posts. Loved the entire photo album of Justin. awesome. Justin (mine) flies out Thursday. Did your family go to see yours on his departure date? If so was it worth the time you got to spend with him, or was it disappointing...which can be the case many times with the Military as they are always changing stuff. Just wanted to hear from some who have gone through this part.
    Thanks. Praying praying. sounds like the Marines in Japan and now the ones stationed in Hawaii (preparing for the tsunami) are going to be busy... God keep them. Hugs,

  3. Oh boy!!! I was so happy to hear from you last nigth although I panicked for a minute :( !!!! Billy called he said things were pretty intense for a bit and they cut communications, now we are sitting and watching the news, the Tsunami is hitting Hawaii and will wrap around and go intot eh bay which is not good SO PLEASE SAY A PRAYER ~ the Okinawa is in the Ryukyu Island chain which is right cmack in the middle of the bay!!! LYLAS!!