Monday, February 15, 2010

New Baby in the Simmons Home?

Well for the longest time Britani has wanted a little tiny dog that she could love on and snuggle up with!! We found one and here she is...
1.6lbs Chihuahua!!
Her Name is Dixie!!!

We already had one dog...Wally! And now we have Dixie...I am not much of an animal lover but, my husband and children are!! UGH!!! But she is cute and just as tiny and will not get over about 4 pounds!!

Ok, well enough of that! Things seem good over in Marjah and I have seen thousands of pictures and after all that I can't tell if any of them are my son or not!! I see one and I think it I may be getting a glimpse and I will ask someone and they say "No, thats not Justin!!" So on and on I go looking for just a picture!! Oh well, It passes the time!!

Well here we had talk of more snow...but looks like it may miss us this time...I was hoping we would get a little more!!

You all have a good day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. It is a cute little puppy and Britani was smiling really big holding her at Church! Yep, I searched thousands of pictures too, sometimes it is OK to "think" we see him:) Love you and hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Oh my Cindy.....that little pint of peanuts is just toooooooo cute!!!! Dear me, you'll have to get her a bunch of little outfits, maybe a bikini for the summer :) I hope she's a good girl, how does WAlly feel about her???? I was looking for pictures of Justin too....I saw on the world news last night that a commanding officer of the USMC on the ground with them said that they are doing a great job!!!! They at the moment are ahead os schedule & moving right along GOOD TO GO!!!!! I'll keep on praying & looking for Justin :) Have a great day!! LYLAS!!

  3. Well, my little ones must get to meet her soon! She is too cute! I am glad to see the news reports too. Looks like they are doing their job. I am so proud of him. He was in my dreams last night. :) Love you and see you later.

  4. Oh...My...Goodness....That is what I call a "toy" dog. Sooooo little. How fun will that be for your daughter? :-) I am wondering how your other doggie is feeling about it? Always a HOOT to see how the home turf dog reacts to the newbie...
    I am reading all the news on Marjah. They are just doing so VERY well. Engaging the enemy as taught. Taking care of each other...watching their buddies backs. Ooo-rah. Just picturing God's Hand stretched out over them as they move out and around...overshadowing. and even praying for those beautiful dogs sniffing out the bombs and mines... . God bless their Keen sense of smell. and protect the feet of our Marines and soldiers. The picture of the Afghani dad and son taking refuge behind our Marines just touched my heart deeply. I pray they will all be won over completely and have their mindsets changed about how they can grow new crops (NOT opium) and make a living and live in peace. God bless the tactical engagement to defeat the enemy. God bless the strategic plan to show these people freedom to live without oppression. Semper Fi!!!

  5. Ah, so cute! My daughter thinks it would be fun to have a Chihuahua, but that's not happening. ;)