Thursday, May 27, 2010

And he is gone!!

For many years I was an American Idol fan and I would watch and vote and all that stuff but it got really ridiculous and so I stopped! But I did watch last night and it was kinda sad with Simon leaving!! He was the joy of the show and I know that it will not be the same without him!! But like they all said last night...the show will go on!!

And so that is about all I got!! The kids will be out of school as of today because they are exempt from what ever they are doing tomorrow!!

You all enjoy your day!! Off to work!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

And I would love a phone call from that Marine of mine...He is about to get in trouble for not call me!! hehe!! "No News is good News!!" And he will call when he gets a chance...I know that for sure!!


  1. Yeah, I didn't watch it all last night, but wow, what a send-off they gave him. Were you surprised with the winner? I kinda was. I hope she'll make lots of money even if she didn't win.

    Justin's probably busy doing something fantastic and time consuming. He'll call you when he gets the first chance; that you know!

    Love ya!
    Love ya!

  2. I only watched it once in part! I don't think it will be too many more seasons before it will be gone. Simon was annoying with his comments sometimes but he MADE the show. Marc doesn't like to watch it and we watch TV together. I know Justin will call soon. I bet he is doing something really important and just hasn't gotten his hands on a phone. He WILL call:) Love you!

  3. Don't watch that show, I've never seen it...sometimes when they make big changes with shows they don't do so well. I know from listening ot the radio that this season wasn't as good as seasons past...mayb eit's run it's course??? I hope that Justin calls you soon too :) I'll keep on praying!!! Have a great night!! LYLAS!!