Sunday, May 2, 2010

Newton High School Prom 2010

Wow!! What a day!!! I am exhausted, but so proud!!

Here is my Bradley...He is so handsome and he felt so good!! I have been so worried all week but he was fine and enjoyed every moment of it!!
And here is my Princess!! She is absolutely the most beautiful young lady I have ever seen and I am so happy so say she is mine!! She loved it and said she felt like a princess!!!

And so here is Bradley and his date and Britani getting ready to go and take pictures...well more pictures!!

Aren't they cute??
So we loaded up and went to Tracy's where everything is just perfect for pictures!!

Aren't these girls pretty???

And aren't they handsome??

And here is the whole gang!!!!
Bradley, Kristen, Britani, Shae, Tyler, Stevie, and Tyler
They all go to school together except for the young man on the end Tyler. The rest of them have been together since 5th grade and are all really good friends!

Thank you Tracy for the use of your steps and yard!!! It was perfect and everyone thought you home was BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Jeff and I took them and picked them up and made sure everyone got home ok and I am exhausted!!! But it was worth every single moment of it!!! I would do it again anytime!!
Well Newton High School Prom 2010 is over and now we are already planning 2011!!
I got some news but we have to keep it between us...I only have about 6 more weeks until my Marine is coming home!!! I am so excited...I was hollering and dancing and just totally beside myself when a friend told me!!! Still no phone call but maybe he is busy packing and getting ready to come home!!
You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Thanks, I was patiently waiting:) for these pictures. Well, I had seen some of them but not the ones taken at Tracy's house! Beautiful Children, these twins are beautiful on the outside... but their hearts are sweeter than sweet! Great, kind, loving, caring... well I could go on and on! Hmmmmm, great parents leading the way? :) Love you all and thanks for posting the pictues. They are all gorgeous:) I won't tell a single soul about Justin's return, shhhhhhh! Love you!

  2. Beautiful pictures, I was checking them out on facebook....I loved Britani's dress BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She looked like a princess :) & well that handsome young fella was probably beating back the gals...he is so cute & I am glad that he was feeling better!!!

    NOW 6 WEEKS 6 WEEKS 6 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY ~ I'd post a dancing banana for you but I don't know how so here goes...nana dance nana dance nana dance!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Love ya, get some rest ~6 WEEKS!!!!! LYLAS!!!! but your secret is safe with me ` shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  3. I have been looking forward to seeing the pics and they were worth the wait! What a handsome bunch of guys and gorgeous girls! I love the pics and I am glad you got to take advantage of the azaleas blooming since they do not stay long! Love you and hope you have a great day! Yay, Justin!!!!!

  4. They all look beautiful/handsome. Britani's dress is gorgeous - she looks like a lovely southern bell. The backdrop for the picture is great. I'm glad you had nice weather for it.

    I'm so excited about Justin's return being so near. I'm sure you're making all kinds of plans for his homecoming. ;)

  5. looks like the ball was a successful event for memory making and special moments, and for gotta be wrung out...
    Hope you don't have any tests tomorrow!!!
    Glad everybody was able to join in and have fun. I am so thrilled for you about your Marine I can't stand it.
    WE will pray to the very last minute when they step back on US soil... woot!!!!!!!!!!
    shhhh. I know...secret... HUGS!!!!

  6. Beautiful pictures. I love prom pictures! You can see in their faces they know how special they look! I remember mine. I am praying the 6 weeks is so! I will keep praying! My Justin won't be deployed again... since he did Iraq and Afghanistan already... thank God. He'll be stationed for the next two years in North Carolina and then get out and is coming home to us! Have a great week! xoxo