Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nothing for days and Too much for one day!!

First of all today I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day!!

I sure miss my Mama!!! She was the Best Mama in the whole wide world!! I lost her when I was only 18 and I wish I could have had 50 years with her!! I know that she would have been so proud of my children and love them so very much!!

Happy Mother's Day Mama!!! I love you with all my heart!!

And I also have to do some bragging!!

My Bradley made me one proud Marine Mom last night!!

Here is the USMC Flag!!


This is the Colors being presented...brought tears to my eyes!! I love it all!!!

Well I got several surprises at the Banquet and here is one of them...Bradley received an Award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars! A very special award that is given each year to Cadets that have shown special recognition of outstanding achievement and exceptional leadership ability! Yes, I am so proud!!

Here is his Certificate he received!

And the cover it was in!

Oh, the awards do not stop there...He got one for NCO Leadership award,

Physical Achievement Award

Distinguished Conduct Award,

Athletic Participation,

And last but certainly not least...

The 2010-2011 Battalion Staff!

Sergeant Major Cadet Simmons!!!

Here he is with the former Sergeant Major!!!

I am so proud of all of his accomplishments and look forward to everything that this next year holds for him!! I know that he will do great and continue to get more awards!!!

So that was my day oh but wait...Today is someones Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet sister...Theresa!!! I love her so much!! She is one very very very special person to me and she will never know how much she means to me!!!
One of Justin's friends that is in his squad got in touch with me yesterday, he is back in North Carolina...He was shot and has to have some surgery!! He said Justin was good when he left back at the end of April!! I am hoping for a Mother's Day phone call but if not...I know that he is busy and that if he could get to the phone he would call me!! Just pray for these guys...things are still going on over there and our boys are still in danger!!
~Till Tomorrow~
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. HAPPY Mothers Day Cindy I also miss our precious Mama The Greatest Lady on this earth Way to go Bradley Proud of you love you twins

  2. Happy birthday my dear sweet friend...your post had me in tears :/ I know that you miss you mama so very much! She is proud of you because every day she looks down on all of you and smiles & puts a protective hand over that Sweet Justin serving so proudly! Congratulations to that sweet cherub faced Bradley, what a Moto Marine Cadet ~ OOH-RAH Bradley!!!!! You certainly did have too much for one day, now will you please promise me that you will get some rest!!!!!????? THAT'S AN ORDER!!!!!! I love you & Happy Mother's Day ~ LYLAS!!!

  3. WOW, way to go Bradley! He is so handsome and he piled on some awards! I love the uniforms and oh the flag sure warms my heart! That flag means more to me these days than ever:) I love you all and I am so proud of Bradley!

    I miss Mama too and am happy that I gave her such a special Mother's Day Gift:) ME!

    Love you and thanks for the kind words, you sure know how much I love you!!!!

  4. WOOT! Ooo-Rah to Bradley. I know you are a very very proud mom. Awesome post for Mothers Day!! I know that phone call meant the world to you. How neat that he would call. Hugs to you and Happy Mothers Day, my fellow Marine Mom...

  5. I miss MawMaw, too! I can still see her rocking in that chair! Good Memories never go away. Happy Mother's Day to you and send my congrats to Bradford! I love you all!

  6. Wow.... you must be busting at the seems with pride! What an amazing boy to succeed like that! And the mother of that amazing boy is YOU! You've got such great children... and it points right back to the mother. Happy Mother's Day, Cindy.... knowing you're doing a great job raising these kids! God is smiling down on you! xoxo

  7. Way to go Bradley! Semper Fi!

    I miss my mom too. (((hugs)))