Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I will, I can, I did...

Hey Mom...I was wondering...
Would you?
Could you?
Did you?
These seem to be the questions!!!
I felt pulled in so many different directions over the past week!
With Bradley having his surgery and prom and school...well I have been asked the above questions a million times!
Oh but no it didn't stop because all of the main events are over...I was at school last night and when I got out I checked my phone and had a text from Britani...
"Hey mama, you think you could go get prom pictures developed?"
Of course my response was..."I can!"
Then while doing that I get a phone call..."Hey mama, while you are there will you pick up some drinks?"
And then again my response was..."I will!"
Left walmart and Jeff said:
"Oh, I wish I had know you were there...I would have ask you to pick up some coffee?!!"
Oh, so on the way home...I stopped and got some!!
So I have a new name...
Will you,
Can you,
Would you
I will, I can, and I did is usually my response!!!
(I love my family!!)
So you all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Darn, I needed a few things too:) hehe Love you and we do what is needed of us, don't we? Love you and have a blessed day!

  2. You Rock mama!!! Your new name, I Will, I Can and I Did suits you perfectly! You love your family, and I KNOW they must feel that love. It's NOT just a word, or a hug...you live it out loud every day, and they are full up of it. You are a good example to other moms I am sure, that Moms show love by DOING! It's our role, isn't it? I have a little piece of paper in my bible that has been there since my kids were little that has a quote...It says," A good mom makes it EASY for her kids to be good! Ooo-Rah! love and hugs to my newly named friend. loved your post.

  3. ahhhhh.... I remember those days! cherish them.... one day they will be gone... and it will be changes to Grandma... can I? could I? and I love you!

  4. That is the cutest post! I love it and totally understand! Have a great evening. Love you!

  5. Oh, I needed some engligh muffins & bananas...this post was too cute!!! They are luck to have you so keep on keeping on!!!! Hope you were able to get some rest. LYLAS!!