Friday, May 28, 2010

Such a Fun Day!!

It has been so long since I have enjoyed a day as much as I did yesterday!! With Justin be gone and me in school and everything else in life...stress has taken over and I just don't seem to have much fun anymore!! But, yesterday....I had fun!!! The girls end of the year party was a blast!!
They did a sack race and here is Avery in the sack! She did really good!!

And here is Alex...she is not even touching the ground!! :)
Then a water balloon race and they had to really concentrate on that! Look at Alex's face!!

And Avery!!!

The party was a Great!!! Here are the girls all dressed up...looks like a trip to Hawaii is needed!!

And Ganky wants to go too!!

They got goodie bags and these were in there...Avery is so funny!!!
I laughed so hard at this!!!

Then last night was the graduation of Alex's pre-school class...I can't believe she is so big...She is a very sweet girl and loves me about as much as I love her!!

Kinda a blurry picture but Avery did a great job with her singing and was so precious sitting up there during the program!!

Alex walking to the stage!! (excuse the little girl in the stroller picking her nose!!)

And Ladies....The graduating class of 2010!!!

After the program the girls wanted to go with me and so we went and joined Ganky and Pa at the Mexican restaurant and...Well that was a blast!! They were having Karaoke night and needless to say Avery stole the show!! She sang "American Honey" by Lady Antebellum. Oh she did so good! She is 4 years old and knows every word!! It was a wonderful ending to a wonderful day!!

Still waiting on a phone call from that Marine of mine...But the twins birthday is Wednesday so maybe he is waiting to call on their birthday!!

Well You all have a great day...School is out for us and just hoping to get to hang at a pool and soak up some sun or just be lazy around the house!! Either way we plan on enjoying our day!!

Keep Praying....IT WORKS!!


  1. Great pictures and a REALLY fun day! We were so busy, moving from one fun thing to another. I love the picture of Alex in mid-air and those girls in their get-up! That old broad in the grass skirt, not so much... but she sure looks happy, hehe! Enjoyed the day, enjoyed the party, the graduation and dinner! Have a fun day! Justin will be out of there soon, you know he loves to surprise us:) Love you, SIS

  2. Great pictures ~ Avery with the nose & glasses was my favorite hands down!!! Congratulations to Miss Alex :) ~ Glad you had a good day, if you gals head of to Hawaii please take me????!!!! LYLAS!!

  3. Looks like Fuuuuuuuuuuunnnnn! I remember when Katie graduated preschool. They had a beach theme...So cute... :-) Have a great weekend. Hope hope hope we all get phone calls. Hugs