Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FFA and Bitter Sweet!!!

Last Night was Britani's night to shine!! She got a FFA (Future Farmers of America) Banquet and my girl got a FFA Greenhand Degree Award!! YAYY!! Britani!!!Here is her Certificate!!!
They even spelled her name right!!! :)

And here are the twins all dressed up for the banquet!!!
Don't they look good???

And for the Bitter Sweet Part....I am sending out my last packages to my Marine today and another one that I have mailed to this whole time...LCPL Bouchard!! He and Justin have been together since bootcamp and we are really close friend with his parents, so I always send to him too!!! I have truly enjoyed mailing packages and knowing that those Marines out there were getting goodies that they would really love!!! I want Julie to know if she would not mind, I would love to send her son, Justin care packages!!! (just email me This is just one more step to getting my Justin home....SO EXCITED!!! I spoke with our FRO (family readiness officer) yesterday and got some info on homecoming and how it works and things I can do and can't do!! Do NOT want to get in trouble!! hehe!!
SO...these are my last packages that I will be mailing out to 1/6 HARD !!!
LCPL. Simmons and LCPL. Bouchard I have enjoyed every package sent and can not wait to see their sweet faces!!!

Well that about it for me...I have a long day of school so off here to study!!!
Have a good day!!
~Till Tomorrow~
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!


  1. Well, Britani... Go Girl! And I LOVE the picture of the twins, great picture! We are closing in on getting our Marine home and we'll be ready:) Can't wait to hear what FRO said! Have a blessed day, love you! SIS

  2. Well, good job, Britani! I am glad they spelled her name right, too! How exciting to be sending the last packages! I can not wait to see him home with his family! Love you!

  3. Can't wait til he is back in the USA! You sure have good looking kids! They both looked fabulous in blue! Congrats to Britani!

  4. They both look very nice. Congrats to Britani!

    Sending out those last packages is bittersweet.

  5. Great Job Britani!!!! They both looked so nice! Justin loved every single goodie package he got from you because it was sent with LOVE!!!! Great talking to you today ~ Love Ya bunches!!!