Monday, May 24, 2010

A special Guest at my house!

We got up and off to church we went yesterday and then after church this sweet little one...Alexis asked if she could come home with us!!
She calls me "NaNa"
she calls Jeff "Honey"

So she got her booster seat and told her MeMaw she was going with NaNa and Honey!! SO cute!!

She is so smart...We sang songs and did our ABC's and then we just chatted!! And this 4 year old can talk like an adult!! We had so much fun with her!! She informed me that she can read!! Wow 4 years old and reading...Her Grandma has raised her and she spent countless hours working with her!! We really enjoyed our visit with Alexis and Keep her MeMaw in prayer she is getting Married this weekend!! hehe!! She is marrying a wonderful man that we have known for years and they are just perfect with each other!!

Well have a great day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS


  1. She's adorable!!! You are all like me... always seem to have some kids around! Have a wonderful week! xoxo

  2. Aren't weekends great, so you can do that kind of stuff? love that down time, and sweet visitors can only be the icing on the cake...
    So glad you shared the pics of Justin and his buds...So exciting. Sure hope to see some of Justin at some point in the future on a forum or page somewhere!!! Hugs to you. Praying.

  3. She is precious! I am always happy to see her sweet little face! I pray that Janice will be so happy in her new marriage. She sure deserves it! Happy Monday, I love you Sis!

  4. ooh! So cute! I love that cute little dress and that sweet smile!!! Glad you had a good day, hope that you have a great week...remember one more week down ~ he'll be home before you know it!!!! Stay strong, keep smiling & I'll keep praying for that Sweet Marine of yours!!!! OOHRAH!!!! LYLAS!!

  5. Alexis is such a pretty and sweet little girl. I am glad she got to come spend time with you. I am wishing Janice well. She deserves happiness! She is a good woman. Love you and see you soon!