Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where have I been?

Where Have I been you may be asking?
Well I am not one that is normally up and busy and moving about and just really always on the go!! Well starting on Thursday I began to feel real good and just played it off that I was just tired and didn't really have a lot to blog about. And that it was fixing to be mothers day and I don't have my mama and my son is millions of miles away and I was just having a pity party.
But, I found out that was not it at all!!!
I was having trouble with my heart!!! I am fine and I got the problem fixed!! I always have a very low blood pressure and pulse rate but this time it got too low...48
So my Friend Janice Camp is an All Natural Doctor and I gave her a quick call because I was ready to go to the hospital and she told me what to do and I did exactly what she said and I then began to feel like I normally did...MUCH BETTER!!

But for the past few days not a lot has been going on! We did have a Birthday lunch for Theresa (Ganky) yesterday but I really didn't take many pictures...didn't feel good!! Hopefully I will not have this problem again but may need to start taking some new herbs to get this fixed!!

You all have a great day today and I am Back!!!

19 days since I have heard from Justin...maybe he is gonna call me tomorrow for Mother's Day!!

Have a good day!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Oh Cindy....please make sure that you go to your doctor if it happens again (I work for 26 cardiologists & heart ttrouble is nothing to wait on!!!!!!) yes I was shouting at you!!!!! I love you & I don't want anything to happen to you :) ~ now as for Mother's Day, remember that your momma is always in your heart & always smiling down on all og you. Please don't be sad, Justin will call you if he can & you know he will be thinking of you & hugging you in that grerat big heart of his!!! If you need anything at all just give me a call!!!! Praying always & now a special prayer for you ~ ((((((((((CINDY)))))))))) LYLAS!!!!!

  2. My blood pressure is always low too, but not that low. Keep an eye on that and you may need it looked at! Way to go Lynda, you do the yelling:) OK, I am happy you are feeling better and it was a great lunch yesterday! The gifts were perfect and the fellowship was "perfecter" :) When it's your birthday, you can make up words! Love you and hope all is well with your heart!

  3. Yes...I DID wonder where you were. I know you normally post even if you say you have nothing to post about...
    Women are the worst about taking care of themselves when it comes to fatigue and low energy...we always chalk it up to another one of those low humps in our cycles...I'm glad you called someone. wow...48! that is low- no wonder. You look GREAT in your pic! :-)
    I know...I, too, can only hope for a phone call, but I think thousands and thousands of Marines,...a few phones....hmmm. okay I won't get my hopes up...but hey! it could happen, right? :-) Hope keeps us floating ...
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Cindy... and I know that our guys will absolutely be thinking of us, cause they know how UBER-much we love them with all our hearts... We are their Marine Moms!!!!!! Hugs to you. GLAD you are okay.

  4. Totally jumping on Linda's bandwagon! We didn't think too much of papa's ailments until he had a heart attack.. which we didn't know he was having one for almost 24 hours! Thought it was heartburn, pulled muscle, back out of alignment.... anything but a heart attack. We were camping. After entering the hospital he had two more heart attacks within the week. NOTHING TO MESS WITH!!!! Please go to your doctor. I am all about naturapathic healing too.... but I think you may need a specialist here. Love you tons! xoxo