Sunday, May 16, 2010

lazy days!!

Well it was wonderful day yesterday...I got that phone call and then after that...Well not much from then on...I stayed in my pj's for most of the day!! Bradley and Britani are in a program through the sheriffs department and they keep them doing stuff all the time! The Explorers of Newton County Sheriff's had a job to do yesterday and so of they went!
Bradley was not home so no picture of him...But here is my sweet daughter Britani!! She loves this program and I think that it will end up being a really good thing for them both!

So then after that I did decide to get dressed! We have been talking about getting an above ground pool so we went and took a look at them and well we will be getting one...We have some work to do in our back yard so not until next summer but we will have one!! I can't wait!! :) So then after that while we were still in the area I said "Let's go see Leon(my brother)" I have not seen him in a LONG time and so off we went! We enjoyed the visit and then all of a sudden we all decided to go and eat...Wonderful /Fun evening!!

Now I am off to do stuff for our ROTC picnic and them I gotta be there at 12:00 this afternoon so no church for me...I sure will miss it!!

You all have a great day!!

I would also like to wish my Daddy a very Happy Birthday!!! I miss him so much and I know that he is looking out for my boy...He loved us all so much!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. I'm glad you had a good day & so happy that Justin called! A pool, that will be great ~ you need it during those HOT SUMMER DAYS :) have a great rest of the day, ENJOY!! LYLAS!!

  2. Sounds like a fun-filled day:) Ending with food/fellowship with our nutty brother! Have a blessed day and I am back in town, we lost out so I'll hold down the family pew and get some good notes for our Marine! Love you and I'll be visiting the Cemetery to say Happy Birthday to POP!