Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wanna play?

Well this picture was posted on our 1/6 facebook page and I have been trying to figure out if an of these guys are mine!!!

Where's Justin? Wanna play?

I have used a magnifying glass and I think one of them may be him...Just wanted to see what any of you thought...they all look alike to me!! hehe

Have a great day!!

Keep praying...IT WORKS!


  1. OOOOHHHH I wanna play but when I zoom in, it's gets blurry! Let me know if you figure it out:) Love you, SIS

  2. I can not make it big, but I LOVE playing this game! We have played it many times! Love you!!!

  3. hah! I know the feeling. I always said when we were looking out over a sea of faces in a Marine crowd, or a group in a picture...SHOOT! They all look like the newborns in a nursery! If you didn't have the namecards on the bassinets who would know which was which???
    Ahhhhhh... I always looked for the name on the pocket flap....SO hard.... :-) But mamas can have fun, can't they? HUGS

  4. I think he is in the middle... to the left of the guy in the dark green shirt. Maybe I should say he is the guy in the green? lol! xoxo

  5. I hope you figure it out! I've been stiing here with my little spyglasses trying to enlarge the picture I'm just maing my self motion sick......HA! Hope you & Kim had a BLAST!!!!! Lots of love to you!!!! Praying for that sweet Marine!!! LYLAS!!