Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I love this stuff!!

For as long as I can remember...I have used this stuff!!! I can remember when my babies were little I would give them a bath and lather them down with this stuff...JOHNSON'S BABY LOTION!! Oh it is just wonderful!!

I can tell you now...I use it on myself!! It works so good on my dry skin an it smell just wonderful...Makes me think of my kids when they were little...oh how I miss those days!!

Ok...well you all have a great day and just pick yourself up a bottle of this stuff and see how you like it!!

Enjoy your day!!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!


  1. I love to smell that lotion too! I guess if it is good for babies, it would be good for old fogies too:) I am an Oil of Olay Quench fan. Enjoy your day Sis! Love you bunches!

  2. Oh, me, too, Cindy! Brings back happy, happy memories! Love you :0)

  3. ooohhh!!!! I love J&J baby products too, especially the baby oil! i use it every day after my shower!! makes me think of Nikky & Billy too, ah such sweet memories! Hope you had a great day! LYLAS!!