Thursday, May 20, 2010

And ths is the day!!

Well the packages are mailed and now I have cards and letters going out today!! I have made many acquaintances through this journey of going to the post office so much!! I will be adopting another hero but mine is coming hom so it is done for him!!

I went by Walmart yesterday and I got well every .50 missing you card they had and then we all sat down and wrote Justin one final letter...I want him to have enough to last him until he gets home...can't stand the thought of him being over there and not getting anything!! I hope by the time he gets all of these and reads them he will be able to start calling or get on the computer more!!

So this was the very last day to mail out anything!!!

So that is about it for me...Till Tomorrow!!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. I am mailing my last ones too! I bet he is soooooo excited to see the final days creeping closer! I pray for his safety always! Love you, SIS

  2. Oh Cindy, I have tried to catch up with blog reading and have just finished with yours. You have my heartfelt cheers for the return of your Justin... and your last post just gave tears here...not bad ones...You are SUCH a sweet lady and bloggy sis. You encourage so many people with your awesome ways of being a loving and doting mom. It just seeps out of your blog posts. Lovin' it... To think that you would like to send Justin a package made me cry... What a dear friend... All of you gals have been encouragement and strength...
    Love you all for it. I would be happy to give you Justin's address... He will be totally surprised to get a box from a lady who says she knows me only from blogging. Wish I could see his face... Love you muchly. You are one dear sweet Christian sister. Glad we will know one another when we get to our forever home...
    Hugs to you Cindy and congrats on raising such fine and beautiful kids... God's best blessings to you!!!

  3. Well YEEEEHAWWWWW!!!!! That last package going out means that that MARINE WILL BE HEADING HOME SOON!!!!!!! I am praying for his safety & for the courage to go on for just a bit more, Justin you are almost home & we all love you and are praying so hard for you! Stay safe & hurry back!!!!!!! LYLAS!!