Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 home and 2 gone!!

Agirlnamedkellykelly comes home today!!! I sure have missed your daily blog but am glad to have got what we got!
Welcome Home!!

And Doublegranny has been house sitting for Agirlnamedkellykelly and so since she is coming home the so does GRANNY!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!


But now I have deal with theycallmeganky and theweek-ender leaving me!!! Now, I will be so glad when all this vacation stuff is over!! I am ready to get things back to normal! I do hope that they both have a wonderful trip and it is a well deserved vacation for them both and they are going to be have a blast with those children!! I wish I was going too!!

Well I hope that this Super Sunday brings each of you many blessings!!


  1. I know it is tough, some home, some gone but we'll all be back soon. Suzanne goes next:) Love you and tell Preacher Tommy I will miss being there and please pray for Katrina. Love you!

  2. I sure will miss you again!! Thanks for all you have done this week to help this busy weekend go more smoothly! It is hard to plan for vacay with work to wrap up and a four day ball tournament, but with my "helpers", I am managing! Love you and see you soon!