Sunday, June 21, 2009

Home from vacation and Father's Day!!

Ok well we made our journey home and everyone is already talking about our vacation next year!! Its was so sad to leave the beach but so good to get home!! I am just going to show off some of the picture of the group that I had with me!!

Me and my Honey!!


Brittany, Lisa, Britani and Bradley

And here we all are...I did the timer thing and that got everyone with a big grin on their face! It was not easy getting it set and then I clumsy ole me got my shirt caught on the chair once and about messed the whole thing up!!! But we all got along wonderful and had a GREAT vacation!!
This is the final sunset of our week and I thought it was just beautiful!!!
I LOVE the ocean!!! And here are my two chairs empty once again!!! :(
But I promised them that I would be back next year!!!

So until then I hope that Kelly Kelly found them and will use them while she is there!!
Well I hope that my vacation did not bore you all to much!!! I had a wonderful time!! But now it is time to get back to the normal routine!!! I get to go to church today and I hope that we have a Super Sunday!!!

You are my whole world and I love you VERY much!!!
I miss you so much!!!

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  1. Great pictures! We missed you but it made it much easier getting to see what was going on every day! That also took the place of phone calls to check on you guys! Love you and love our Daddy!