Thursday, June 25, 2009

can you hear me now?

Well as far as I know just about everyone has a cell phone and we all depend on them for everything... Well this was my only connection with my Marine!! And even though I had told him not to use it when he wasn't suppose to...He did it anyways!!! He called me alot and he also called alot of our other family members!!!! Well I am sure that you are guessing what has happened...Yes that is right he got caught with it!!!! And oh yes, they took it up!!! Worse than if they take it up in school...I can't just go up there and get it back!!! I can't even call the Family Resource officer and get it back!! He used someone elses phone and called to let me know that he was ok and told me that it got taken up!!
Sooo until whenever... these are the ones that have his phone:

Yes...and whose gonna fight them to get it back!!! He said that he was suppose to get it back tomorrow but I never believe anything that they tell him!!! So until whenever...I just have to wait!!! I thought about writing a letter to Obama to see if he could help. But I did make a phone call once before to the Family Resource Officer and that got him called a mama's boy so I guess I better just let him handle his own problems!! I just know that whenever my Marine gets a chance he is gonna call his mama!!!

So you all have a great day!!!!


  1. Dang! I think we need to go out there and whoop up on them for taking his phone! I guess he is learning they mean what they say :( Mean ole Marine people! Love you!

  2. Girl, Obama probably told them to take it! No really, PLEASE do NOT call anyone. ;) I know the last time I spoke with him, he had to hurry off the phone because someone was coming. Hopefully he will get it back today. What is the big deal anyway? If he is back at his cot having down time, why can't he talk on the phone?? Well, have a wonderful day and I am considering visiting the Doctor. What Doctor, you say? Since the only Dr. I actually visit is the "Once a year Doc", I will have to figure something out. Love you and have a great day!

  3. Wow... that stinks! He's not in prison after all... he is serving our country. Give the boy some rights! I pray he gets it back soon! He's such a good son! You are blessed!