Monday, June 22, 2009

Parallel Parking

Well I am 39 years old and I have had my drivers license since I turned 16! And now its about time for my twins to get theirs! On June the 30th they have an appointment to get them so we have to really practice this week! So we went here...Department of Driver Services...used their cones that are set up and let them do some practicing!!!! LORD HELP ME!!! I need medication!!! And lots of it!!! LOL!!These instructions look easy but I tried it and I tell you what I am not so good at it!! I do not think I would pass the test now if I had too!!! They did really good, but not good enough!!! We will be going back tomorrow and everyday until we get this mastered!!! Any ideas of how to make it easier!!!

We had a great Father's Day!!! It was very relaxing and enjoyed our day being with Jeff! Justin called and got to talk to his dad!!! And that makes everything wonderful...Just his name showing up on my phone makes me have a good day!! :) Well its back to work and loving on my babies...CAN'T wait to see them!!!! You all have a good day and remember to keep me in your prayers...teaching teenagers how to drive is not so easy!!!!!


  1. Hey Sis, I am actually pretty good at this if you need my help:) You see when you go to shops on the Little Town Squares, that is the only place to park. Not that I do that a lot, wink wink:) Anyway, glad you are back and I know those kids will be soooo happy to see you! Love you and have a great Monday!!!!!!

  2. Ohh Girl! I do not envy you having to do that! I am not great at parallel parking! I can back in between two cars (hubby taught me), but parallel park? Just drive around until you find a spot you can park in. That's my motto! So when they get to the parallel parking part of the test, tell them what I said!

  3. How funny! One day I was downtown and I called Crystal and asked her how to parallel park! I mean, she took driver's ed, right? She's like smart and stuff, right? Whatever, I'm with Tracy, just find somewhere you pull in straight and park.
    Love you and glad you made it home safely from your fun vacay :0)