Monday, June 1, 2009

House Warming for the Pastor!!!

As most everyone out in my blogger world knows...This is Pastor Tommy Dunn!! He has been with out church for 3 years and he is just the most amazing pastor ever!!! He loves his church and would do anything for anyone in that church at anytime!!! So just about a month ago he was able to purchase his first home!! We are all so proud for him!!! And I think from the smile on his face he is proud as well!!!
Here is Bro. Tommy and his daughter Rachel!
She is so proud of her new room at her Dads!!!She just loves it!!!!

And here is the Pastor with his moving crew...THE DEACONS!!!!
He had everyone on his deacons come to help him move...what a great group of men!!!
Well that was about all for my Sunday!!! We had all our attention in Bro. Tommy and he deserved every bit of it!! I received a wonderful Blessing and enjoyed the entire day!!! I hope that you all have a great day and PLEASE pray for my Aunt and her daughter!! I just cannot imagine one of my children being so ill and then to have to put one in hospice...Just isn't one of those things I think a parent should have to do!!! Just lift them both up in your prayers!!!! Thank you all!


  1. Great pictures and it was a great day! I truly enjoyed it! Love you and we will be praying for Marie and Foo Foo!

  2. Sorry I missed the housewarming. Lots of excuses, none really good enough. Have a good Monday.