Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beach Bums!!!

I just can not believe that the weather has been just PERFECT down here!! The kids are all just having such a blast!! Here are Bradley and Robert in the boat since the surfing did not do so good! They have met them two young ladies from Kentucky!!

Skylar and her friend decided that they wanted to bury Britani and I know that you can not see her but she is that mound of sand in between the two girls!!!

And here we have L-R Brittany Dalton, Lisa Dalton, and my baby...Britani Simmons!!!

They decided to just stop for a quick pose for the camera!!
And Tracy wanted me to let you know what we are having to eat along with what we are doing so today we spent the entire day on the beach and we found a grill and had some hat dogs!!!(as my Justin called them when he was a little fella!!)

As I said we stayed on the Beach the ENTIRE day!!! We met some people that are from Georgia and well I am from a BIG family and he well knew some of the Howell Family...Buck Howell!! My cousins Willie and Hazels boy!! They work together! Small world!! So that was it for day #3!!! I hope that you all have a wonderful day!!!

I also got TAGGED!!! My very first time ever in my blogging life!!! Thanks KellyKelly!!
She tagged me to list six unimportant things that make me happy.
Here is my list of unimportant things that make me happy in no particular order:
1. Freshly painted toe nails
2. The smell of pine sol
3. Good fresh highlights in my hair
4.Sleeping in a freshly made bed with clean sheets
5. Hearing the ocean from my room
6. Feeling the arms of two little girls wrap around my neck!! (Alex and Avery)
Y'all know to play tag, I'm sure. Now I tag six others and they have to list six unimportant things that make them happy. So. . . I'm tagging:
I had to picked others that I read daily and I would like to know more about! I also picked those that were not already tagged that I know of!! I hope they participate!! It was fun for me!! Thank you Kelly Kelly for tagging me!!


  1. Happy to see you all having fun on the beach! Ya'll deserve a break and it looks like you are really having great weather. We miss you but blogging makes it feel like you are still here:-) Love you all and tell everyone hi! Oh yeah and you know it made me smile when you mentioned "hat dog"!

  2. Looks like the ocean is pretty too. Loved your six things!