Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I love SUMMER!!!

Doublegranny had a drawing on how did you get your blogger name and I WON!!! And this nice beach bag was the prize!!!!! I love a tote bag, especially one to take to the pool or beach!!!!
And here is the Birthday boy!! Having a blast at Ganky's pool!
And now the Birthday Girl!!!! Just stop for a quick pose!!!
Memories...Bradley on bottom, Autumn (Ganky's grand-daughter) in the middle and Britani on top!!! They are cousin and are really close and I hope that they stay that way forever!!!!

Here is the owner of the pool (the host of the party!!!) and our Aunt Mattie-Lou!!!
Oh and lets not forget Robert!!! He was taking a break and just chillin' by the pool!!! He is just one of the family!!!!
And for dinner the twins got to choose where we went for dinner!!! And they picked APPLEBEE'S!!! Now I liked that they have a WW menu!!!!
Here are the 16 year old twin children after a wonderful day!!! Swimming, food, cake, fun and more food!!!!
It was just a wonderful day and this always kicks the summer off for me! I love the sun, I love the water, I love the beach...I LOVE SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! It makes me so happy!!! I hope that you all have a wonderful day!!!!!


  1. Great Pictures!!!!! What a fun day we had! I am dragging this morning, a bit tired:) Love you and have a great day!

  2. Sweet pictures. Such sweet kids, too! I really commend you for a job well done with them! I had lots of fun yesterday. Kind of a let down today when ya gotta get back to real life (especially since I had a doctor appointment). But great to see you all!
    Love ya bunches!