Friday, June 12, 2009


Well it is time to drag out the ole suitcase and start the packing!!!

And decide what shoes to take...ALL OF THEM!!! (probably!!!)

And what outfits to carry...ALL OF THEM!!! (probably!!!)
And everything has to fit in a Equinox!!!!

Jeff will not let me rent one of these!!!I just want to get the stuff packed and in the car!!! I have to make choices and I had just rather take it ALL!!! But really all that I care about is getting to the beach because these chairs are still sitting on the beach waiting on me!!!

I am so ready for my vacation and I guess I have chosen my outfits and shoes to go with each of them and just pray that my car does not tip over backwards when we get out of it!!! SOOO many suitcases to put in it!!!! You all have a wonderful Friday!!!!!


  1. You guys are gonna have a great time and we will surely miss you! I have that luggage bag if you need to borrow it that I bought at your yard sale:) Love you and hope you won't be too excited today that you need depends:)

  2. Well, just go on ahead and take it all because if you don't take it, then what you don't take is what you're gonna want. Hope you have the best time ever. Be safe. Tell the kids to be safe too, and to have fun, which I'm sure they will anyway.

  3. Hope you have a super time! I know you will. I way overpack every year, too. You know, they do have stores there that you can buy stuff if you foget anything, right?? HA! Anyway, don't know if you'll blog on vacay, so I'll miss you if you don't. Don't let your kids get out too far in the ocean. I have a FEAR!! of that.
    Love ya!

  4. How funny! You should see how I pack when we go camping!!! It is terrible! I bring the whole house! Have fun and don't give the rest of us another thought as we struggle with our daily lives back home. lol!

  5. What? What's that you say?
    A hurricane hit Panama City Beach Today?
    Ohh No! You mustn't go!
    There can't be any beach left, you know!

    What? What's that you say?
    All the sharks are headed there today?
    Ohh No! You must stay here!
    The water is filled with too much to fear!

    What? What's that you say?
    The hotel filled your room today?
    Ohh No! Nowhere to stay?
    You should stay home with us and play!!

    But if you must run off anyway,
    Have the best time on your stay!!

    We love you ALL!!