Wednesday, June 10, 2009


And this is where all the fun began!!! This was the first ride that the big kids rode and they loved it!!! I just don't think that it is good for your heart to ride these kinds of rides!!!!
After this we decided to take the little ones and go ride some rides that they would enjoy! And here is Ganky and Avery on the Train!!

Alexis and Alex on the swinging boats!!!!Here are the cheerleaders that are in the NEW monster Mansion!!
And here are the monsters!!! Britani, Autumn and Bradley!!! LOL!!!

Alex and Avery riding a kiddie ride!! TORO TORO!!

This was my favorite place! SKULL ISLAND!!! I could have just stayed here all day!!! If I go back this is where I will be hanging out!!!!

And see this HUGE bucket they are filling it up with water and then all of a sudden they just dump it out and you really get drenched!!!!

And the FINAL ride of the day!!!

Britani, Bradley Ms. Janice and Jeff loved it!!! I think that they stood in line longer than the ride lasted but this is what they all love to do!!!
Well I made it!!! I went to Six Flags and lived to tell you all about it!! It was a very hot day but the lines were not so bad for my family to ride the rides!! I hope that you all have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!!!! 3 days until Panama City Beach!!!! YAY!!!!


  1. Yep, fun day! Glad you guys made it home and can't wait to go again:) It is funny that we spent the entire day together, both snapping pictures and we only duplicated one. Love you and enjoy your day!!!!!

  2. It does look like fun. Three more days till PC. I know you can't wait!!!!

  3. How fun!!! Great pictures... love that one of Theresa and Avery. The one of the "monsters" on the ride made me cringe seeing that little boy with his mouth on the ride. I'm not germiphobic... but that was nasty. lol! Am I the only one to notice? Thanks for your encouraging words yesterday!!!!

  4. JOYCE, I noticed the little boy with his mouth on the ride too! Gross! I can't say my kids never do it when I am not looking, but for a camera to catch you and you never knew... awful! We had a great time and my kids never licked any of the rides! Love to all!!

  5. Looks like a fun day! I don't think that looks like Avery in that picture with Alex on the swinging boats?? Her hair looks way darker. Anyway, I obsess over when to go to Six Flags, because I absolutely HATE lines. I try to figure out when the lines are best. But so far, I haven't found an answer. Any suggestions?
    Love ya Lots!