Wednesday, June 17, 2009

4 down and 3 more to go!

4 down and 3 more to go!!! Bradley is just loving every minute of it!! He got him a fox hat to wear with his Oakleys that he got for his birthday! He is chillaxin!!!!

So today everyone but me...decided to go Para sailing!!! Here they are lined up waiting to get on the banana boat that carried them out to a boat!! They all stood in such a good straight line waiting like good boys and girls!!

And off they went on the banana boat to the big boat and up up and away they went!!!

For dinner we went here!!! Rhonda and some others we we are with wanted Oysters and we were told that they had the best!!! And they all agreed!!

Well and then after dinner I checked in with Tracy and well I got to talk to my two girls!! Avery asked if she could come to my house and play and that she wanted to come back to her house soon! And then Lord have mercy I talked to Alex...She got me to crying!!! She asked me why I have been gone for so long and then she said "I thought you were coming back!!" I felt horrible!!! They are so young and they do not understand about vacation! I just cried and cried!!! But they will be leaving me in a couple of weeks for their vacation! I think that we may have to plan it together so they don't think that I have forgotten them!!! I just love these two babies to pieces!!! And I really think that they love me too!!!

Well day #4 over and only 3 more to go!! Weather is great...Just so very hot!! 106 heat index!!! Temperature 98 today!!! You all have a great day and stay cool the summer heat has set in every where I think!!


  1. You think they love you???? Are you crazy? They will be so happy to see you when you get too! I can do all of this, but it sure is hard trying to work as much as I do too! I really appreciate all you do (especially the darn grocery shopping!!). I am so glad you guys are having a good time. You can't beat a good trip to Hooters! ;) Have a wonderful day and we will see you soon! Don't worry about the girls..and me. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!!

  2. By the way, I had not seen Bradford in his new glasses! I like them!! Tell them we love them!

  3. Tracy and I say the same things at the same time and I was about to type, You think they love you??? Oh my... those girls adore you and will be happy when you get back. You are a part of their day and you'll be back next week. Love you and have another fun day. I love Bradley's cool glasses too:)

  4. Yes, please tell Bradley he looks most handsome in his stylin' glasses. How many chicks has he picked up? That's the good thing about vacations to me is how it reminds you how good life at home is.