Friday, June 26, 2009

Gather round...gather round...

The twins got this parking thing down!!!!

This picture is Bradley doing his parallel parking!!

And so he did it so good he tried to tell Britani how to do it!! But she did just fine and did not really need his help at all!!!

But they also had these two on the side lines cheering them on!!

That's right we had special guest!!! Alex and Avery got to spend the night with us!!! They wanted to stop an let me get a quick shot of them doing some dancing!! And so here is Alex giving us the same pose because they were doing a dance together!!

What a blast we had!!! They will be leaving me next week to go on their vacation so I got some extra time with them!! And so much fun it was!!!!

And today is a special day...It is Derek's Birthday!!! This is the Daddy of the two precious children I keep everyday!!

Happy Birthday Derek!!!

I hope that everyone has a Fantastic Friday!!!
Oh yeah, Justin got his phone back!!! YAYYY!!!!


  1. Happy Day for the twins nailing the parallel parking! I had no doubt that they would get it. Thanks for helping with the kids, it was a yucky, rainy, messy night! You're the best! Love you!

  2. Yeah, thanks from me too! I just hate it that today is Derek's Birthday and we will now have to make it up after the 2 o'clock game! We may not even be able to do dinner :(
    Well, I guess when your birthday kicks off vacation week, you really can celebrate for a solid week if you want to! Loved the pics of my chilren. They are so cute. I am glad they got to visit. They love coming to your house. Love you and have a great day.

  3. glad they can parallel park. it really does come in handy sometimes.