Monday, June 29, 2009

I am having a what?

Another Great Niece!!!! This is Jessica she is my oldest sisters grand-daughter!! Isn't she cute! She is having a baby...a little girl and her name is gonna be Kendall Elaine!! I love babies!!! I can remember the day Jessica was born and how excited me and my mama was! We would buy her the most lacy dresses ever and I can't believe that she is letting me buy this baby one!! Here is Jessica and her Baby sister Kristen! I have such memories of these two! They will always hold a special spot in my heart!
Jessica had a really great shower!!! That baby will not be wanting for anything!!! They played this one game and it was really neat/gross!! They had melted candy bars and put them in diapers and they passed the 9 diapers around with 9 different candy bars in each one! I WON!!!! I only missed 2 candy bars!!! I have a pictures but I decided not to put them on here for those that may have a weak stomach!!
Well I hope that you all have great day!!!

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  1. Life is good at the beach! I got on-line:) All are sleeping except me and Pa:) Alex seemed to be better at bedtime... uhhh midnight! We will all be tired today but will rest up as the week goes by. Will let you know how it is when they all get up! Love you and sorry I missed the shower!