Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a day....!!!!

Ok, well my day started out good...I had lots of things to do before the party so I got up early and off I went!! Started out that I had to have gas to get to all the places so I stopped here at Flash Foods and got gas!
I paid with this my debit card!!! At the pump!! And yes I had alot on my mind and I just pumped the gas and off I went!!

I had to go to BJ's to pick up the Birthday Cake for the twins party and I had to be there by 9:30 and so when I went to pay for the cake I realized that my card was not in my purse!!! GUT HURTING NOW!!! I knew that I had lost it and did not want to waste any time to look for it I just went straight here! TO THE BANK!!!! they opened at 10:00 and I was customer #2 and I got it cut off and I was fine!! It did not show that it had been used so I went on with my day!!

Pool Party at Nanny's!!! Jeff cooked out hot dogs at the grill!! YUMMY!!!! The kids all played in the pool and just had a blast!!
Robert, Matt and Bradley just had to pose for the camera!! They are soooo Funny!!!!

We sang happy birthday and they blew out the candles and made wonderful wishes, I am sure!!
But then from out of no-where I heard screaming and all of a sudden there was a cake face smearing fight!!! Bradley got Autumn!!!
And then Autumn got Bradley!!!
They hugged and mad up!!! But it was such a mess!!!

And then from out of no-where someone smashed cake on Britani!! And bless her heart she has never been one to like to be dirty!!! Especially cake in the face!!! But she was a good sport and just went and washed it off after chasing the girl that did it all over the yard!!!
Little Alex just stayed all nice and clean and just enjoyed the pool!And Avery just stayed close to her mommy and enjoyed to food and fun!!

Ok so up to now it was a wonderful day except for me loosing the debit card!!! So when I got home I just wanted to check on my account and just see that all was fine and well what do you know...They had went shopping!!! Yep, shopping with my card!!! BUT only to Walgreens!!! They do not check I.D.!!! if you use it as a credit card!!! Not only that but they signed my name to one of the tickets!! And they still did not check I.D.!!!! So off I went to one of the Walgreens in Lithonia to get a police report and I found out that they bought Newport Cigarettes and a lighter and they baby 30 pairs of socks with my card!!! They bought other stuff from another Walgreens somewhere in Atlanta but all I needed was the police report and I will not be out any money!!! I just can not believe that it happened in the short time that I lost the card and I had it cut off!!! But it is all ok and I got it all taken care of!!! Not sure that I will shop at a Walgreens for a while!!! The manager just told me that if it is a purchase under $50.00 they do not require an I.D. check!!! So this person just made several purchases under that amount!! Think they knew that!!!!

Well...WHAT A DAY!!!!???? I am glad it is over and I get to start a new on tomorrow!!! Please pray for my Aunt as she has to bury her daughter today!!! I hope that you all have a great day!!


  1. Well...whoever used your card needs a good 'ole Georgia whooping! That wasn't nice! I think drug stores need to change their policy!!! What a fun day yesterday and everyone had a great time! Bradley's eye OK? See you on the family pew:)
    Love you, Sis

  2. What is wrong with Bradley's eye? I will have to get the answer to that one. You got some really good pictures of the cake fight. That was fun to watch. I love when Autumn and Bradley get goofy. I am so glad you got all your banking worked out. When I talked to you, I knew how worried you were. Love you and have a wonderful day. See ya later on.